Mana Shochu is New Zealand’s unique take on the age old Japanese Shōchū liqueur tradition. Once, the favoured alcohol of Japanese royalty and their inner circle, today Shōchū is drunk by an increasingly international audience. Nine years of research and development have culminated in Mana Shochu creating a distinctively Kiwi product. Traditional Shōchū utilises base crops such as rice, wheat or barley. Mana Shochu uses New Zealand’s very own variety of sweet potatoes; the Kumara. Adding to their uniqueness, Mana Shochu infuses real fruit flavours to create what they regard as their “new age” Shōchū’s. Mana Shochu’s collection of quality Shōchū can be consumed with your favourite mixer or fruit juice. Or to impress the most discerning of connoisseurs out there, just have it on the rocks!

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